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One of the unique things about America is that it’s pretty much built from scratch in the last three hundred years. We came to this country as pilgrims and immigrants. As we spread across the country, we built cities, roads, schools, and all of the other things that a great civilization must-have.

Of course, we had good models. Since almost every citizen of this country can look to a country in another part of the world as their starting place, we had the great cities of Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and Africa to model our cities upon. Small wonder we named our cities in remembrance of our original homes. Such places as New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New Haven reflect that we honored and reflected on the greatness we left behind. Still determined to build a homeland that was just as great as what we had left, but the result was we made one that was so much better.

People Are Awesome in America

You can see the values of a people in how they design their cities, build their communities, and raise their families. And the one thing that jumps out when you look at the values of America is that we are a people who value people and family. And we make sure in every city we build there are a lot of “people places” available for everyone to enjoy.

One great example of the emphasis this is our amazing national park system. We have set aside a phenomenal amount of space in the form of national parks to be sure that the beauty of America will be here for future generations to enjoy. We make sure our government budgets money to pay for park rangers and park improvements so anybody that wishes to can go for free to our national parks and enjoy nature. Also, climb a mountain, fish in a lake, and maybe even see some wildlife because we made sure it stayed that way. Americans are great stewards of the beautiful inheritance they have received in nature. And for that future Americans will forever be grateful.

But the instinct to protect nature and provide for future generations is evidenced in every little town and big city in the country as well. No matter where you go, you can see that the city founders worked hard to make sure there were green spaces and beautiful parks to make life enjoyable for the citizens of this great land. Some parks in America have gotten reputations all their own. Central Park in New York is so famous that it g featured in hundreds of movies and television shows.

But other great cities in America have similar great parks. Chicago has a large section of downtown dedicated to green space, so its citizens can enjoy both a beautiful lawn but a fantastic view of its breathtaking lake view. The Boston Commons is a park that not only defines Boston as one of America’s more attractive cities but carries with it historic importance much as you can find all over that great town.

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Even small towns like Saint Lewis, Kansas City, and Tulsa have set aside crucial real estate in some of the most prestigious parts of their cities to build some of the most beautiful parks in the world.

You have to step back and take notice of how much this devotion to “people space” reflects on the greatness that is part of the American experience. It reflects the values of family, home, and pride in our country that is so central to what it is to be an American. We are proud not only of our great country but our pride is reflected in how the government of each state strives to do its best for its citizenry.

That same pride is shown in every city and town as the city leaders work hard to make sure that everything possible happens to make a living in their little slice of America the most beautiful experience possible. America reflects in the heart of the family, the moms, and dads. America passes on the heritage of pride and good stewardship so their children and grandchildren will continue to take good care of the land of the free and the home of the brave. In that way, we know that not only is America a great nation now, but it will also continue to be a great nation for many years, decades, and centuries to come.

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