Babies First Birthday

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The first anniversary of your child s birth is a landmark date. It should be marked in the best way because it will be more relevant to you. When you decide to have a party, you have to choose what kind of party it will be. You have many options to choose from, and they include a special event as family dinner at home. The dinner can be a tea party for your baby s ‘friends (probably other parent s that you have met at pre and antenatal classes) or going somewhere with other parents and family members such as a soft play center.

Whichever option you decide to ensure that you send informative colorful invitations to any guests along with RSVP details, ensuring that you are aware of any allergies that anyone may have.

A birthday cake with candles is a great idea and will look amazing on a photograph in years to come. These can be specially baked or bought at the supermarket.

Balloons and decorations will ensure that the venue looks like a child s celebration, and your baby and other children will be mesmerized by them.

Baby Gifts can be tough to buy. Baby does not yet have a preference as to what he or she would like. But unique and memorable presents can be purchased. If anyone asks you what they can buy your child for their 1st, and extraordinary birthday, here are some options. Jewelry – This tends to be purchased by those who are close to you, bracelets, and necklaces.

• Clothing – As your child is at a stage where they will be overgrowing, you will probably be grateful for any baby clothes. Clothing may not keep forever, but if it is something special, passed on to siblings. There are some beautiful children s clothes, often wonderfully gift-packed and these make pretty gifts. Ordering dresses online is a great idea. You may want to buy organic baby clothes or something made from a soft but unusual material such as bamboo for your baby to wear on this special day.

• Books – Good quality books will always be treasured. Choose something with longevity such as an encyclopedia, old classics such as Fairy Tales or contemporary favorite s such as Allan and Janet Ahlberg s, The Jolly Postman.

• Ornaments – Keepsake ornaments such as a beautiful mobile look impressive anyone, babies love to watch them, and you keep them for future brothers or sisters. Also true of a nursery clock. If someone chooses to buy your baby a money box or piggy bank for savings, they should ensure some money is inside – just for luck.

• Toys – There are several beautiful handmade toys and educational toys to be bought. The former, such as dolls houses and wooden farm sets, can be treasured for life; the latter can be played with to assist baby s development.

So, after all of the preparation ensures that your child has a memorable time. And most importantly don t forget the camera because the day is sure to bring some memories that you will treasure forever.

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